Low slope roofing projects require an eye for detail and a strict installation process to have a long lasting roofing system. The original solution for this was one piece constructed roofing material or the three tab shingle. Installing roofing under a 4/12 pitch also requires that the underlayment is installed at a 19 inch exposure. Arctic Seal ice/water shield can be applied on the entire roof at a 19 inch exposure creating a superior roofing system that will protect your home under the most challenging weather conditions.

Here at Roofing Pros we take it to the next level by using Malarkey’s Vista architectural roofing with a tapered nail line or their Alaskan 3-Tab shingles. The tapered nail line on Malarkey’s residential shingle line is a innovative response to achieving the look and longer warranty period of a architectural shingle while still allowing water to flow off low slope roofs.

Our latest completed low slope roofing system using the Arctic Seal ice and water shield at a 19 inch exposure with Malarkey Alaskan SBS Modified 3-tab shingles with a Class 4 impact rating.