The application of shingles begins at the bottom of the roof and works upward, in a stair-stepping form. This technique is used to create a waterfall effect that carries the water down the roof. Any unsealed areas or exposed nails can allow water to move underneath the material and could result in leaks or loose shingles – which is not covered by most warranties.

As the shingle panels are placed, each nail must be secured in an unexposed area. On an average sized roof, more than 6000 nails are used to secure shingles with a target area of 3/8 – ½ in wide. In 2000, Malarkey announced a design to increase precision and reduce the risk of error; “The Zone®”.

“The Zone®” increases the nailing area to 1 ¾ inches; over 3 times more space than previous products. Malarkey had each of your homes in mind when releasing this design and Roofing Pros will take advantage of their system to give you the best roof possible.

View Malarkey’s 2015 Roofing Games Video (above) for a fun, visual representation of how the shingles are placed and the increased efficiency due to the extra space provided on their products.