Why We Offer Malarkey’s Vista Shingles

HIGHER SUSTAINABILITY, LOWER LANDFILL - ENVIROGEN Malarkey has successfully designed, manufactured, and created a line of products focused solely on sustainability while remaining environmentally conscious. Experimenting with the influencing components that impact the aging process of shingles, this company was able to create a polymer modified asphalt capable of withstanding intense weather conditions and expanding [...]

Low Slope Roofing

Low slope roofing projects require an eye for detail and a strict installation process to have a long lasting roofing system. The original solution for this was one piece constructed roofing material or the three tab shingle. Installing roofing under a 4/12 pitch also requires that the underlayment is installed at a 19 inch exposure. [...]

Thank You for Voting Roofing Pros 2016 “Best Roofer” of Nisqually

240 local finalists and 4,500 votes. The "Best of Nisqually 2016"  is the result of four weeks of nominations, followed by four weeks of voting by the readers of the Nisqually Valley News. Roofing Pros congratulates all of the nominees and winners. Thank YOU for voting Roofing Pros 2016 "Best Roofer". Roofing Pros is proud [...]

Landmark Shingles Take Roofing to a Higher Level

The owners of this Gig Harbor home have invested in a durable, beautiful color-blended line of shingles by CertainTeed Landmark Pro, color: "Granite Grey". Roofing Pros completed the roofing project today and, as always, this roof will come with the standing Roofing Pros Warranty guaranteeing their labor for 10 years. Additionally, CertainTeed warrants that its [...]

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